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We specialise in sourcing finance and assisting with the application and in the subsequent negotiation for the best terms and rates.

Generally, when business owners think finance, they think ''Banks''. At best this is but a fraction of the world of finance.

Depending on the amount required as well as the industry, there are a myriad of financing options available - if you know where to look!

 Why Choose Finance Link?

Finance Link has in-depth knowledge of the procedures and processes Finance House Credit Committees follow assessing finance applications. We deem it our duty to negotiate the best possible credit terms and interest rates for our clients. The preparation and submission of professional and complete finance applications to the appropriate Finance House is rounded off with negotiations ensuring the best possible deal for each client.

We love meeting our clients fact to face in order to obtain first-hand impressions of the entrepreneur as well as their business operations. This is to establish if we can be of service. Once this is established, all relevant info and business documents are gathered in order to compile the application which will include inter-alia, a Business Plan and Cash Flow Projection.

            Our Motto: Get It Right --- First Time.

 Sources of Finance:

Finance Link has privileged and confidential associations with most traditional financing institutions as well as a number of other specialised credit providers. We continuously seek out new financing sources, always ensuring that we are up to date with the requirements of each source in order to provide them with the required info and in the right format before submitting each application.

The key to speedy outcomes is full and complete applications.

 Our Fees and Mandates:

Our fees are negotiated with clients beforehand, usually a small percentage of the amount of finance procured. This is followed by a short signed mandate authorising us to discuss our clients needs with the relevant Finance House. Of prime importance is the fact that our fees are success-based, meaning   No Loan  -  No Fee.

 Approval Times:

Approval times depend on the type of finance applied for. Subsequent to the submission of full and complete applications, this can vary from a view days to a few weeks.

 Client Communication:

Effective client communication is of paramount importance. Where possible - our clients are informed of progress of their applications on a daily basis.



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